Presented by DIA and the University of Maryland Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)

Initial course: offered online June 1 July 10, 2020



  Immerse a small group of lawyers and technologists in a six-week high-intensity course that presents the substantive and legal dimensions of the most critical technologies in the national security realm, including cyber security, Al and machine learning, telecommunications, Internet exploitation, and Space.

  Empower lawyers to meaningfully support their clients' efforts to develop and procure cutting-edge IT tools.

  Give technologists the knowledge and perspective to work collaboratively with lawyers to design optimized solutions to modern IT challenges.



Due to constraints relating to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the initial TLA course -- Emerging Issues in Technology and Law -- will be held online, with a condensed and unclassified curriculum but maintaining access to instructors from across technology, security, and legal communities.

Future courses will be conducted in-person within the secure ARLIS facility to enable classified presentations, discussion, and student research. We anticipate the initial in-person course will be offered Spring 2021.


TLA will be open to participants from government, industry, and academia. It is critical for these three communities to interact effectively to address the legal and operational challenges presented by new technologies.


To be enrolled in the course, you must register with the University of Maryland (UMD) as a non-degree seeking student. The deadline for non-degree seeking student applications is May 15st. Prospective students can submit their applications for the program now through the UMD graduate school application process. More details about this process can be found here.


ARLIS is a Department of Defense University-Affiliated Research Center for advanced research and development in intelligence and security. Located in College Park, Maryland, ARLIS is dedicated to supporting DoD and Intelligence Community missions by bringing together academic experts, leading practitioners, and industry innovators to confront the nation's most critical national security challenges.


For more information, contact tla@arlis.umd.edu.