The Language Product Evaluation Tool

Establishing Standards and Developing Workforce Expertise

The Language Product Evaluation Tool (LPET) offers a framework for evaluating a range of language products, including full translations and various types of summaries. The result of a collaborative effort between researchers and practitioners working in a US government setting, the LPET serves as a practical tool aimed at establishing translation standards; facilitating the quality review process and the delivery of consistent, systematic feedback; providing information for planning development activities for translators; and providing aggregated data describing individual and organizational capability and performance. We begin this paper by describing the development of the LPET and its major features. We then highlight findings from operational testing with quality reviewers and describe validity testing that is in progress. We end by presenting a sample view of aggregated LPET data of the type that might be useful at the managerial or organizational level.

Michael, E. B., Massaro, D., Bailey, B., de Terra, D., Messenger, S., Blodgett, A., Saner, L., Rhoad, K., Castle, S., & Gannon-Kurowski, S. (2011, November). The Language Product Evaluation Tool: Establishing standards and developing workforce expertise. Paper presented at the Translating and the Computer Conference, London, UK.

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