Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Publications

Type Titlesort icon Author(s) Year Download
Peer-reviewed Article Citizens' perceptions of ideological bias in research on public policy controversies Susannah B. F. Paletz Robert J. MacCoun 2009
Fact Sheet Class size and technology: Do they impact how students learn a foreign language? Victor Frank 2008
Peer-reviewed Article Clearing the garden-path: Improving sentence processing through executive control training
Hussey, E.
Teubner-Rhodes, S.
Peer-reviewed Article Closest conjunct agreement in head-final languages
Archna Bhatia
Maria Polinsky
Paper presented at a conference Cognitive abilities and the measurement of World Wide Web usability
Kent L. Norman
Technical Report Cognitive and non-cognitive predictors of foreign language Spanish reading and listening proficiency
Anita R. Bowles
Joel T. Koeth
Poster Cognitive and non-cognitive predictors of Spanish foreign language proficiency
Anita R. Bowles
Joel Koeth
Peer-reviewed Article Cognitive control and parsing: Reexamining the role of Broca's area in sentence comprehension
J.C. Trueswell
S.L. Thompson-Schill
2005 Link
Proceedings Cognitive control and parsing: The role of LIFG and cognitive control in sentence comprehension Jared Novick 2005
Dissertation Cognitive control and the role of Broca's area in sentence processing Jared Novick 2005
Poster Cognitive control and the role of Broca's area in sentence processing: Patient studies and individual differences among healthy adults Jared Novick 2005
Other Cognitive control in foreign language processing Henk J. Haarmann 2006
Poster Cognitive effort in skill acquisition: Pupillometric correlates of workload and capacity
S. Hinze
J. Pellegrino
Book Cognitive foundations of structured item response models
Robert J. Mislevy
Technical Report Cognitive neuroscience of second language acquisition: The Department of Defense research landscape
Sergey Blok
Book Cognitive processes in translation and interpreting
Gregory Shreve
Stephen Fountain
1997 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Cognitive, non-cognitive, and experiential predictors of successful adult foreign language learning
Anita R. Bowles
Joel Koeth
Peer-reviewed Article Coh-Metrix: Capturing linguistic features of cohesion
Max M. Louwerse
Philip M. McCarthy
Book Commentary: When PI is focused on form it is very very good, but when it is focused on forms… Cathy Doughty 2004 Link
Book Communicating: A social, career and cultural focus
Roy M. Berko
Darlyn R. Wolvin