Friday, March 27, 2015

Our Publications

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Peer-reviewed Article C. Anton Rytting
Peer-reviewed Article Can statistical learning bootstrap the integers? Amber N. Bloomfield
L.J. Rips
J. Asmuth
Peer-reviewed Article Can You Say It Another Way? Cognitive Factors in Bilingual Children’s Pragmatic Language Skills Medha Tare Susan A. Gelman 2010
Peer-reviewed Article Caring about framing effects
J. Sager
D. Bartels
Other CASL 2010-2012 Strategic Plan 2009
Other CASL 2011-2017 Strategic Plan 2011
Other CASL Annual Report 2010 Researcher Spotlight - Joseph Dien 2010
Other CASL Annual Report 2010 Researcher Spotlight - Shaina Castle 2010
Annual Report CASL Highlights 2010
Other CASL Lab Capabilities
Other CASL Recruitment Fact Sheet
Annual Report CASL's 2009 Research Highlights
Paper presented at a meeting Catch and release: The care, feeding, and sharing of comparative language data Doug Cooper 2009 Link
Other Catherine Doughty
Other Catherine J. Doughty's CV Cathy Doughty
Book Causal learning from observations and manipulations. In M. C. Lovett & P. Shah (Eds.), Thinking with data David Danks 2007
Peer-reviewed Article Change agents and change agencies in language education: Implications for LangNet Richard D. Brecht 2005 Link
Proceedings Change in Foreign Language Skills Over Time 2012
Proceedings Changes in federal agencies' approach to language since 9/11 Richard D. Brecht 2004
Poster Characterizing Evidentiality
Monica Macaulay