Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Publications

Type Titlesort icon Author(s) Year Download
Peer-reviewed Article C. Anton Rytting
Peer-reviewed Article Can statistical learning bootstrap the integers? Amber N. Bloomfield
L.J. Rips
J. Asmuth
Peer-reviewed Article Can You Say It Another Way? Cognitive Factors in Bilingual Children’s Pragmatic Language Skills Medha Tare Susan A. Gelman 2010
Peer-reviewed Article Caring about framing effects
J. Sager
D. Bartels
Other CASL 2010-2012 Strategic Plan 2009
Other CASL 2011-2017 Strategic Plan 2011
Other CASL Annual Report 2010 Researcher Spotlight - Joseph Dien 2010
Other CASL Annual Report 2010 Researcher Spotlight - Shaina Castle 2010
Annual Report CASL Highlights 2010
Other CASL Lab Capabilities
Other CASL Recruitment Fact Sheet
Annual Report CASL's 2009 Research Highlights
Paper presented at a meeting Catch and release: The care, feeding, and sharing of comparative language data Doug Cooper 2009 Link
Other Catherine Doughty
Book Causal learning from observations and manipulations. In M. C. Lovett & P. Shah (Eds.), Thinking with data David Danks 2007
Peer-reviewed Article Change agents and change agencies in language education: Implications for LangNet Richard D. Brecht 2005 Link
Proceedings Change in Foreign Language Skills Over Time 2012
Proceedings Changes in federal agencies' approach to language since 9/11 Richard D. Brecht 2004
Poster Characterizing Evidentiality
Monica Macaulay
Peer-reviewed Article Characterizing kinds and instances of kinds: ERP reflections
Anita R. Bowles
Sandeep Prasada
David Poeppel