Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our Publications

Type Titlesort icon Author(s) Year Download
Paper presented at a conference Between Scylla and Charybdis: Circumfixation in Indonesian Thomas Conners 2003
Proceedings Beyond Aspect: the Role of the Participant in Light Verb Constructions 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Bilingual parents’ modeling of pragmatic language use in multiparty interactions
Susan A. Gelman
Fact Sheet Blended learning: Enhancing STARTALK language programs Cathy Doughty 2009
Fact Sheet Blended Learning: Enhancing STARTALK language programs 2010
Peer-reviewed Article Bootstrapping parsers via syntactic projection across parallel texts
R. Hwa
P. Resnik
Amy Weinberg
2004 Link
Poster Brain Signature of Comprehending Sentences with Acoustic Noise: An fMRI study.
Alex Smaliy
Melody S. Berens
2011 Link
Fact Sheet Brain Training: Enhancing executive functions to improve cognitive and language skills Jared M. Novick 2011
Fact Sheet Brain training: Enhancing executive functions to improve cognitive and language skills 2013
Fact Sheet Brain training: Enhancing working memory to improve language skills 2009
Other Brain Training: UMD Research in Working Memory Improves Government Linguists' Improvement Tom Ventias 2012 , Link
Book Bridging the bed-bench gap: Contributions of the Markey Trust George R. Reinhart 2004 Link
Technical Details Building a language learner’s profile 2014
Other Building a language learner’s profile: Characteristics which inform training and pedagogy. 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Building an assessment use argument for the Hi-Level Language Aptitude Battery 2009
Poster Building language capabilities for a truly globalized workforce in a "flat world" Richard D. Brecht 2006
Proceedings Building language resources: Ways to move forward Michael Maxwell 2008
Poster Bye-bye buffers: Temporary storage is (partially) a matter of attention
N. Cowan
Peer-reviewed Article C. Anton Rytting
Peer-reviewed Article Can statistical learning bootstrap the integers? Amber N. Bloomfield
L.J. Rips
J. Asmuth