Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Peer-reviewed Article Circumfixation: An Unnoticed Problem for Indonesian Stress Thomas Conners 2003
Paper presented at a conference Between Scylla and Charybdis: Circumfixation in Indonesian Thomas Conners 2003
Peer-reviewed Article The effect of temporal delay on the interpretation of probability Amber Bloomfield 2004
Other Beck in action: Grawemeyer-winning psychiatrist influential in psychology Anita R. Bowles 2004 Link
Other Courting research: Psychology and law go hand-in-hand Anita R. Bowles 2004 Link
Poster Initial learning of a foreign language: Instruction type and attentional capacity Anita R. Bowles 2004
Proceedings Greek word segmentation using minimal information C. Anton Rytting 2004 Link
Proceedings Segment predictability as a cue in word segmentation: Application to modern Greek C. Anton Rytting 2004
Book Commentary: When PI is focused on form it is very very good, but when it is focused on forms… Cathy Doughty 2004 Link
Book Effects of instruction on learning a second language: A critique of instructed SLA research Cathy Doughty 2004 Link
Other Innovative curriculum for the very advanced learner Cathy Doughty 2004
Book Bridging the bed-bench gap: Contributions of the Markey Trust George R. Reinhart 2004 Link
Proceedings BBN/UMD at DUC-2004: Topiary
Richard Schwartz
2004 Link
Other Links between verbal working memory, concurrent articulation effects and the cerebellum: Converging behavioral and neuroimaging evidence Dimitrios K. Donavos 2004
Paper presented at a meeting Current practices in adult instructed third language acquisition Ewa M. Golonka 2004
Other Language visualization tools Ewa M. Golonka 2004
Paper presented at a meeting Summary of third language learning effects Ewa M. Golonka 2004
Poster Working memory capacity affects how to-be-ignored information is processed
N. Cowan
Other The phonetic signs of categorical variation in Korean stop phonology
G. Yun
Other The Markey Scholars Conference Proceedings George R. Reinhart 2004 Link