Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Publications

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Fact Sheet Easier dictionary lookup: New tool enhances understanding of Bengali and Urdu Michael Maxwell 2009
Fact Sheet Expert language professionals: How did they attain their high-level foreign language skills? Cathy Doughty 2009
Fact Sheet Performance under stress: Identifying workplace stressors and potential mitigation strategies 2008
Fact Sheet Optimizing analysis: Divergent thinking improves analysts’ interpretation abilities 2009
Fact Sheet LinguaVista: A web-based foreign language program finder Ewa M. Golonka 2008
Fact Sheet Class size and technology: Do they impact how students learn a foreign language? Victor Frank 2008
Fact Sheet Improving DLAB's prediction Michael Bunting 2009
Fact Sheet e-Learning foreign languages: How effective is technology-mediated language training? 2009
Fact Sheet Why is Vietnamese so hard? Using basic science to support Vietnamese language training Allison Blodgett 2009
Fact Sheet Brain training: Enhancing working memory to improve language skills 2009
Fact Sheet Blended learning: Enhancing STARTALK language programs Cathy Doughty 2009
Fact Sheet Fast, accurate translations: Do human-generated transcripts help translators? 2009
Fact Sheet What’s the gist? Improving analysts’ summary translation performance Erica B. Michael 2009
Fact Sheet Nearly native speakers: Tests predict who can best learn a foreign language Cathy Doughty 2009
Fact Sheet Revolutionizing learning Russian: Advancing language learning with linguistic correlates of proficiency Mike Long 2009
Fact Sheet Predicting tone language aptitude 2008
Fact Sheet Predicting DLAB performance: Pre-DLAB quickly predicts who will do well on DLAB George R. Reinhart 2009
Fact Sheet African language ID Tristan Purvis 2009
Fact Sheet STARTALK: Assessment of lower-level language learning George R. Rinehart 2009
Fact Sheet Stress mitigation in the workplace Erica B. Michael 2009