Saturday, April 30, 2016

Our Publications

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Fact Sheet Task-based natural language processing evaluation for multimedia environments Allison Blodgett 2008
Fact Sheet Phonetic search of speech
Sarah C. Wayland
Fact Sheet What kind of Arabic is that? Identifying the dialectal origin of spoken Arabic 2008
Fact Sheet Easier dictionary lookup: New tool enhances understanding of Bengali and Urdu Michael Maxwell 2009
Fact Sheet Expert language professionals: How did they attain their high-level foreign language skills? Cathy Doughty 2009
Fact Sheet Performance under stress: Identifying workplace stressors and potential mitigation strategies 2008
Fact Sheet Optimizing analysis: Divergent thinking improves analysts’ interpretation abilities 2009
Fact Sheet LinguaVista: A web-based foreign language program finder Ewa M. Golonka 2008
Fact Sheet Class size and technology: Do they impact how students learn a foreign language? Victor Frank 2008
Fact Sheet Improving DLAB's prediction Michael Bunting 2009
Fact Sheet e-Learning foreign languages: How effective is technology-mediated language training? 2009
Fact Sheet Why is Vietnamese so hard? Using basic science to support Vietnamese language training Allison Blodgett 2009
Fact Sheet Brain training: Enhancing working memory to improve language skills 2009
Fact Sheet Blended learning: Enhancing STARTALK language programs Cathy Doughty 2009
Fact Sheet Fast, accurate translations: Do human-generated transcripts help translators? 2009
Fact Sheet What’s the gist? Improving analysts’ summary translation performance Erica B. Michael 2009
Fact Sheet Nearly native speakers: Tests predict who can best learn a foreign language Cathy Doughty 2009
Fact Sheet Revolutionizing learning Russian: Advancing language learning with linguistic correlates of proficiency Mike Long 2009
Fact Sheet Predicting tone language aptitude 2008
Fact Sheet Predicting DLAB performance: Pre-DLAB quickly predicts who will do well on DLAB George R. Reinhart 2009