Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Technical Details Building a language learner’s profile 2014
Technical Details Integrating CASL Tools into the LanguageNation Platform Christopher R. Green 2014
Technical Details Assessment challenges in online instruction
Thomas Prado
Evan Jones
Christopher R. Green
Technical Report Learning objectives, methods, and techniques for Persian learners
Evan Jones
Thomas Triebwasser Prado
Technical Details Objectives, methods, and techniques for ‘surge’ Somali acquisition and instruction
Evan Jones
Christopher R. Green
Peer-reviewed Article Effects of interactive chat versus independent writing on L2 learning Carolyn Crooks 2014 Link
Peer-reviewed Article An annotated bibliography of reference and pedagogical resources for ‘standard’ Somali Evan Jones 2014
Book Superadditivity and limitations on syllable complexity in Bambara words Christopher R. Green Stuart Davis 2014
Peer-reviewed Article “Time for Some Traffic Problems”: Enhancing E-Discovery and Big Data Processing Tools with Linguistic Methods for Deception Detection Erin A. Smith Crabb 2014
Proceedings Cognitive engineering analysis training: Teaching analysts to use expert knowledge structures as a tool to understanding P. Bradley 2014
Technical Details Individualizing pedagogy in LanguageNation 2014
Other Presentation at AATP Workshop at MESA 2014 Corey A. Miller 2014
Technical Report Ritualized indirectness: Explaining the language practice taarof as a reflection of Persian speakers’ cultural values Mark Vinson 2014
Technical Report Ritualized Indirectness in Persian: Taarof and related strategies of interpersonal management Mark Vinson 2014
Other Sample Aptitude Profile 2015
Peer-reviewed Article To create without losing face: The effects of face cultural logic and social-image affirmation on creativity Susannah B. F. Paletz
Ella Miron-Spektor
Chun-Chi Lin
2015 Link
Book Descriptive Grammar of Bangla Anne David 2015 Link
Other Algorithm Enables Translation Memory Systems to Identify More Relevant Matches in Less Time
Keva Marable Blair
Michael Bloodgood
2015 Link
Other Establishing quality review standards for assessing translations with LPET Erica B. Michael 2015 Link
Other Voxy and CASL Announce Research Partnership to Find Effective Ways of Tailoring Language Instruction to Match Cognitive Profiles 2015