Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Paper presented at a conference Instructing Stages of Processability Theory: Next or Next + 1? Carrie Bonilla 2013
Other Language Awareness Raising in the Foreign Language Classroom Carrie Bonilla
N. Marcos Miguel
M. Lenardon
Book Reflections on Dari Linguistic Identity Through Toponyms
Evan Jones
Mark Vinson
Paper presented at a conference Theoretical Issues in Counting Persian Words
Joseph Ritch
Jon Dehdari
Jack Diaz
Peer-reviewed Article Human-Validated Methodology for Creation of Domain-Specific, High-Frequency Word Lists in Persian Corey A. Miller Joseph Ritch 2013
Paper presented at a conference Adapting Language Aptitude Measures for Nontraditional Populations: Usability of the Afghan Language Aptitude Battery (ALAB) 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Reuse and recycle: The development of adaptive expertise, routine expertise, and novelty in a large research team Susannah B. F. Paletz
K. Kim
C. D. Schunn
I. V. Tollinger
Peer-reviewed Article The coronal fricative problem Christopher R. Green
Daniel A. Dinnsen
Michael C. Dow
Judith A. Gierut
Peer-reviewed Article Formalizing the prosodic word domain in Bambara tonology Christopher R. Green 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Interacting tonal processes in Susu Christopher R. Green
Jonathan C. Anderson
Samuel G. Obeng
Peer-reviewed Article On the role of margin phonotactics in Colloquial Bamana complex syllables Christopher R. Green
Stuart Davis
Boubacar Diakite
Karen Baertsch
Other On the role of prosodic structure in French loanword incorporation into Bambara Christopher R. Green 2013
Book Descriptive Grammar of Pashto and its Dialects Anne David 2013 Link
Book Experimental Psycholinguistics
Sam Glucksberg
2013 Link
Fact Sheet Persian dialect course: A characterization of the dialects of Iran Corey A. Miller 2013
Poster Testing first language listening comprehension ability 2013
Book Valency Classes in Jakartan Indonesian Thomas Conners
John Bowden
David Gil
Proceedings The event semantic role of the nasal prefix in Jakarta Indonesian 2013
Book Jakarta Indonesian Valency Patterns Thomas Conners David Gil 2013 Link
Paper presented at a conference The Event Semantic Role of the Nasal Prefix in Banyumas Javanese Thomas Conners 2013