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Our Publications

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Peer-reviewed Article Adult age differences in the use of prosody for syntactic parsing and recall of spoken sentences
A. Wingfield
Sarah C. Wayland
E.A. Stine
1992 Link
Paper presented at a meeting The United States-Canadian border as a linguistic boundary Corey Miller 1992
Paper presented at a meeting Prosodic Aspects of M. L. King's ""I Have a Dream Today"" Speech Corey Miller 1992
Proceedings The influence of sentence articulation rate on the internal structure of phonetic categories
Sarah C. Wayland
J. Miller
L. Volaitis
1992 Link
Other Making It Happen: Interaction in the Second Language Classroom: From Theory to Practice Cathy Doughty 1991
Peer-reviewed Article Second Language Instruction Does Make a Difference: Evidence from an Empirical Study of SL Relativization Cathy Doughty 1991
Peer-reviewed Article Near-mergers and the suspension of phonemic contrast
Wililam Labov
Mark Karan
Book Oh My! Modula-2 Doug Cooper 1990 Link
Peer-reviewed Article The nature of prolonged word search
Harold Goodglass
Arthur Wingfield
Sarah C. Wayland
1989 Link
Peer-reviewed Article A comparison of reading comprehension processes in Chinese and English [in Chinese]
Z. Biyin
Other The United States-Canadian Border as a Linguistic Boundary: The English Language in Calais, Maine, and St. Stephen, New Brunswick Corey Miller 1989
Other A Knowledge of Language: An interview with Noam Chomsky Corey A. Miller Eddie Cushman 1989
Dissertation The effect of instruction on the acquisition of relativization in English as a second language Cathy Doughty 1988
Peer-reviewed Article "Information Gap" tasks: Do they facilitate second language acquisition?
T. Pica
Book Knowledge and Language
I. Kurcz
G. Shugar
Dissertation The interlanguage pragmatic competence of classroom-based learners of Russian: Ponimaesh', k tebe takoe delo
Other CASL Recruitment Fact Sheet
Other Affiliate and Adjunct Program
Other Researcher Spotlight - G. Iverson
Annual Report CASL's 2009 Research Highlights