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Our Publications

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Book Cognitive processes in translation and interpreting
Gregory Shreve
Stephen Fountain
1997 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Patterns of sentence comprehension in aphasia: A consideration of three hypotheses
R. Sloan Berndt
C. Mitchum
Sarah C. Wayland
1997 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Aphaisic patients' sensitivity to structural and meaning violations when monitoring for nouns and verbs in sentences.
Sarah C. Wayland
R.S. Berndt
J.R. Sandson
1996 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Listening Andrew D. Wolvin 1996
Book The phonology and morphology of Kimatuumbi David Odden 1996
Book The Rashaayda Bedouin: Arab Pastoralists of Eastern Sudan 1996 Link
Peer-reviewed Article The effect of bilingualism on cognitive ability: A test of the level of bilingualism hypothesis
L.H. Jarvis
W.E. Merriman
1995 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Using Non-Textual Cues for Electronic Document Browsing.
Daniela Rus
Peer-reviewed Article National strategic-planning in the less commonly taught languages
A. Ronald Walton
1994 Link
Peer-reviewed Article The influence of sentential speaking rate on the internal structure of phonetic categories
Sarah C. Wayland
Joanne Miller
1994 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Effects of speaking rate and paragraph structure on the production of sentence prosody
Shari Speer
Sarah C. Wayland
Margaret Kjelgaard
Book Language, Style, and Communication Claudia Brugman 1994
Peer-reviewed Article Fine-Tuning of Feedback by Competent Speakers to Language Learners Cathy Doughty 1993
Paper presented at a meeting American English /r/ and ambisyllabicity Corey Miller 1993
Paper presented at a meeting Intrusive /l/ in Delaware English Corey Miller 1993
Peer-reviewed Article Is there a special kind of "reading" for translation? An empirical investigation of reading in the translation process
G. M. Shreve
C. Schäffner
1993 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Limits on the limitations of context-conditioned effects in the perception of [b] and [w]
Joanne Miller
Sarah C. Wayland
1993 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Perspectives on Listening
C. G. Coakley
Book Oh! Pascal! Doug Cooper 1993 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Adult age differences in the use of prosody for syntactic parsing and recall of spoken sentences
A. Wingfield
Sarah C. Wayland
E.A. Stine
1992 Link