Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Publications

Type Titlesort icon Author(s) Year Download
Book Third language acquisition theory and practice
William Rivers
Peer-reviewed Article Training working memory: Limits of transfer
Atkins, S. M.
Smith, V.
Bobb, S.
Peer-reviewed Article Translating across subjective probability lexicons
M.K. Dhami
2005 Link
Fact Sheet Translation Performance: Setting standards for quality of language products Erica B. Michael 2011
Technical Report Translation Quality Control at the FBI
Elizabeth Rhoades
Sarah C. Wayland
Briefing TREC June 2011 Presentations and Read-aheads
Peer-reviewed Article Triangulating self-assessment ratings, teacher ratings, and proficiency test scores in short-term language programs
M. Malone
Other U.S. language policies in the 21st century: A dialogue
J.D. Edwards
Proceedings UMD/BBN at MSE2005
C. Monz
2005 Link
Fact Sheet Under-resourced languages: Improving capabilities with innovative tools for analysis and instruction Michelle E. Morrison 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Understanding the antecedents of unintentional leader errors: a multilevel perspective
Lily Cushenbery
T.S. Hunter
Technical Report Unit language development: Final report G. Granena 2013
Proceedings Unsupervised Morphology Induction for Part-of-Speech Tagging
D. Ćavar
G. Schrementi
Book Urdu grammar
Evelyn Browne
Dissertation Users' spatial abilities affect interface usability outcomes Susan G. Campbell 2011 Link
Research Brief Using iPods for foreign language learning
Victor Frank
Barbara Forsyth
Peer-reviewed Article Using Non-Textual Cues for Electronic Document Browsing.
Daniela Rus
Technical Report Using self-study materials in the workplace: An analysis of the U.S. Coast Guard’s trial of Auralog TELL ME MORE 2009
Paper presented at a conference Valency Classes in Banyumas Javanese Thomas Conners 2011 Link
Paper presented at a conference Valency Classes in Banyumas Javanese Thomas Conners 2011