Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Paper presented at a meeting The role of semantic short-term memory in online sentence production Henk J. Haarmann 2003
Peer-reviewed Article Individual differences in semantic short-term memory capacity and reading comprehension
E. Davelaar
M. Usher
2003 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Short-term semantic retention during on-line sentence comprehension: Brain potential evidence from filler-gap constructions
K. Cameron
D. Ruchkin
2003 Link
Paper presented at a meeting The role of semantic short-term memory in on-line sentence production
R. Martin
E. Davelaar
Dissertation Negative evidence in Spanish: The effects of adult corrections on the grammaticality of children's speech Jared Linck 2003
Peer-reviewed Article Studying the grammatical aspects of word recognition: Lexical priming, parsing and syntactic ambiguity resolution Jared Novick 2003 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Acquiring Grammatical aspect via Lexical Aspect: The Continuity Hypothesis
Mari Broman Olsen
Jeffrey P. Lilly
Other Retrieval cue interference in the conceptual span task Michael Bunting 2003
Poster Why working memory measures "work": Proactive interference in tests of immediate memory Michael Bunting 2003
Poster Bye-bye buffers: Temporary storage is (partially) a matter of attention
N. Cowan
Book Español para fines específicos: Textos o tareas? [Spanish for specific purposes: Texts or tasks?] Michael H. Long 2003
Peer-reviewed Article Second Language Acquisition Michael H. Long 2003
Book SLA and Cognitive Science 2003
Peer-reviewed Article Processing of Japanese WH-scrambling Constructions
S. Aoshima
C. Philips
2003 Link
Peer-reviewed Article On-line computation of two types of structural relations in Japanese
S. Aoshima
C. Phillips
Peer-reviewed Article Neural Networks and Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing - Introduction
J. Diederich
M. Towsey
Peer-reviewed Article Dynamical causal learning
T. L. Griffiths
J. B. Tenenbaum
Peer-reviewed Article Equilibria of the Rescorla-Wagner model. Journal of Mathematical Psychology David Danks 2003
Dissertation Implicit and explicit learning of artificial grammar structures and natural language morphology: Implications for second language learning Anita Bowles 2003
Peer-reviewed Article Circumfixation: An Unnoticed Problem for Indonesian Stress Thomas Conners 2003