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Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Book A model of bilingual representation and its implications for second language acquisition
J. Kroll
A. Sankaranarayanan
Peer-reviewed Article A high quality text-to-speech system composed of multiple neural networks
O. Karaali
G. Corrigan
N. Massey
Other Peer commentaries on David Green's "Mental control of the bilingual lexico-semantic system"
Thomas Carr
Annette de Groot
Ton Dikstra
Dissertation Automatic Discovery of Logical Document Structure Kristen Summers 1998
Book Perceiving talking faces: From speech perception to a behavioral principle Dominic W. Massaro 1998
Proceedings Prosody and prompt design in a computer dialog system
G. Ayers Elam
Sarah C. Wayland
Proceedings Analogies out of the blue: When history seems to retell itself
Christian Schunn
Book Cubeo Grammar. Studies in the languages of Colombia 5
Nancy Morse
1999 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Polysemy Claudia Brugman 1999
Peer-reviewed Article “The ‘Bedouin’: Discursive Identity or Analytical Category? A case study from Jordan.” 1999
Dissertation Identification of salient linguistic and metalinguistic variables in the prediction of oral proficiency at the advanced-level threshold among adult learners of Russian Ewa Golonka 2000
Book Attracting science and mathematics Ph.D.s to secondary school education George R. Reinhart 2000 Link
Book Forecasting demand and supply of doctoral scientists and engineers: Report of a workshop on methodology George R. Reinhart 2000 Link
Book Feature Structure of Functional Categories: A Comparative Study of Arabic Dialects Abbas Benmamoun 2000
Book National language needs and capacities: A recommendation for action
A.R. Walton
2001 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Maintenance of Semantic Information in Capacity-Limited Item Short-Term Memory
Marius Usher
Peer-reviewed Article Deriving benefits from stressful events: The role of engagement in meaningful work and hardiness
Amy B. Adler
Paul T. Bartone
Peer-reviewed Article The cocktail party phenomenon revisited: The importance of working memory capacity
A. R. A. Conway
N. Cowan
Peer-reviewed Article Sentence comprehension by eye and by ear: Modality fingerprints on cognitive processes
T. A. Keller
P. A. Carpenter
Other Indonesian Passives and Agentive Feature Specifications Thomas Conners 2001