Friday, April 29, 2016

Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Proceedings The event semantic role of the nasal prefix in Jakarta Indonesian 2013
Book Jakarta Indonesian Valency Patterns Thomas Conners David Gil 2013 Link
Proceedings Beyond Aspect: the Role of the Participant in Light Verb Constructions 2013
Paper presented at a conference The Event Semantic Role of the Nasal Prefix in Banyumas Javanese Thomas Conners 2013
Technical Report The impact of length, density, and working memory on second language listening comprehension Lelyn D. Saner Alexandra Ralph 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Can statistical learning bootstrap the integers? Amber N. Bloomfield
L.J. Rips
J. Asmuth
Peer-reviewed Article Training working memory: Limits of transfer
Atkins, S. M.
Smith, V.
Bobb, S.
Peer-reviewed Article A rational approach to memory search termination J. Isaiah Harbison
Davelaar, E. J.
Yu, E. C.
Hussey, E. K.
Proceedings Intrusions and the decision to terminate memory search J. Isaiah Harbison
Davelaar, E. J.
Yu, E. C.
Hussey, E. K.
Technical Details Working Memory Training for Improving Cognition and Language 2013
Poster Perceptual similarity and phonetic context in native English listeners’ perception of Arabic consonants 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Hi-LAB: A new measure of aptitude for high-level language proficiency 2013
Proceedings Speaking the user’s language: Evaluating translation memory software for a linguistically diverse workplace Susan G. Campbell
A. Goldman
A. L. Powell
Book CASL authors contribute to book examining perspectives in translation studies 2013
Technical Report Thaana Basics: Getting Started with the Maldivian Alphabet Amalia Gnanadesikan
Rebecca W. McGowan
Katherine S. Burk
Shawna Rafalko
Paper presented at a conference Domain-initial strengthening in voiceless stops cues word boundary perception in Japanese Alan Mishler 2012 Link
Other Brain Training: UMD Research in Working Memory Improves Government Linguists' Improvement Tom Ventias 2012 , Link
Fact Sheet Cultural Priming: Adopting the other's mindset to improve analysis 2012
Fact Sheet Audio Gazetteer dialect aid 2012
Poster Verbal Creativity and Alpha: A brain wave entrainment study
Polly O'Rourke
Timothy George
Alexei Smaliy