Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Publications

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Peer-reviewed Article Prioritizing African Languages: Challenges to macro-level planning for resourcing and capacity building
Tristan Purvis
2012 Link
Poster Achievement goal orientation predicts foreign language learning success: Assessing two measures 2012
Peer-reviewed Article Inhibitory control predicts language switching performance in trilingual speech production
John W. Schwieter
Gretchen Sunderman
2012 Link
Poster Crowd-sourced Ratings Yield the Same Empirical Results as Trained Raters 2012
Fact Sheet Regional Proficiency Assesment Tool 2012
Peer-reviewed Article Semantic access to embedded words? Electrophysiological and behavioral evidence from Spanish and English
Pedro Macizo
Cyma Van Petten
Other Electronic Grammars and Reproducible Research Michael Maxwell 2012
Technical Details Ways of Manifesting Collectivism: An Analysis of Iranian and African Cultures
Tristan Purvis
Executive Summary Ways of Manifesting Collectivism: An Analysis of Iranian and African Cultures
Tristan Purvis
Peer-reviewed Article Analogy as a strategy for supporting complex problem solving under uncertainty Susannah B. F. Paletz
Joel Chan
Christian D. Schunn
Book Digging into implicit/explicit states and processes: The case of cognitive/social process interaction in scientific groups Susannah B. F. Paletz
Christian D. Schunn
Robert W. Proctor
E.J. Capaldi
Paper presented at a conference Processability Theory in L2 Spanish: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of an Oral Corpus. Carrie Bonilla 2012
Peer-reviewed Article Variation in Persian Vowel Systems Corey A. Miller 2012
Paper presented at a conference Methodology for Selecting Persian Words for Instructional Use. Joseph Ritch 2012
Peer-reviewed Article Project management of innovative teams Susannah B. F. Paletz 2012
Other Selected Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference on African Linguistics 2012
Other Domain-restricted reduction: A proposal for segmental feet in Bamana Christopher R. Green
Stuart Davis
Boubacar Diakite
Karen Baertsch
Poster Foreign language training improves other cognitive abilities 2012
Poster Predicting success in foreign language skills 2012
Poster Individual Differences in Executive Functions Predict Second Language Learning Success 2012