Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Publications

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Fact Sheet Language, Regional Expertise, & Culture Research (LREC) Amy Weinberg 2011
Fact Sheet Regional Proficiency Assesment Tool 2012
Fact Sheet Under-resourced languages: Improving capabilities with innovative tools for analysis and instruction Michelle E. Morrison 2013
Fact Sheet Enhancing lexical resources: Searching online resources quickly and easily C. Anton Rytting 2013
Fact Sheet Brain training: Enhancing executive functions to improve cognitive and language skills 2013
Fact Sheet Cultural Priming: Adopting another’s mindset to improve analysis 2013
Fact Sheet Optimizing analysis: Connecting the dots with divergent thinking Henk J. Haarmann 2013
Fact Sheet Predicting high-level proficiency: Testing foreign language aptitude to predict ultimate attainment 2013
Fact Sheet Tailoring training to individuals: How aptitude interacts with language instruction methods 2013
Fact Sheet Aptitude for cyber analysis: Optimizing selection for the cyber workforce 2013
Fact Sheet Enhancing language analysis: Providing strategic tools and resources for critical languages Anne David 2013
Fact Sheet Persian dialect course: A characterization of the dialects of Iran Corey A. Miller 2013
Fact Sheet Innovative cognitive training Henk J. Haarmann 2014
Executive Summary Pulling out all the stops in Vietnamese (exec summary)
Alina Twist
Jessica Shamoo
Jessica Bauman
Executive Summary Learning foreign languages at a distance: Characteristics of effective online courses (exec summary)
M. Gonzalez-Lloret
Kim Pinckney
Executive Summary Rosetta Stone Version 3 falls short of manufacturer's claims
Katharine B. Nielson
Suzanne Freynik
Executive Summary Revolutionizing learning Russian: A draft inventory of linguistic correlates of proficiency to advance foreign language learning Michael H. Long 2008
Executive Summary Optimal foreign language learning: The role of technology (exec summary)
Victor Frank
Anita Bowles
Executive Summary The ups and downs of Vietnamese tones (exec summary)
Jessica Bauman
Allison Blodgett
Executive Summary Vocal folds at work (exec summary)
Allison Blodgett
Melissa K. Fox