Friday, August 28, 2015

Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Technical Details Individualizing pedagogy in LanguageNation 2014
Other Presentation at AATP Workshop at MESA 2014 Corey A. Miller 2014
Technical Report Ritualized indirectness: Explaining the language practice taarof as a reflection of Persian speakers’ cultural values Mark Vinson 2014
Technical Report Ritualized Indirectness in Persian: Taarof and related strategies of interpersonal management Mark Vinson 2014
Peer-reviewed Article The interplay of conflict and analogy in multidisciplinary teams Susannah B. F. Paletz
Christian D. Schunn
Kevin H. Kim
Fact Sheet Under-resourced languages: Improving capabilities with innovative tools for analysis and instruction Michelle E. Morrison 2013
Fact Sheet Enhancing lexical resources: Searching online resources quickly and easily C. Anton Rytting 2013
Fact Sheet Brain training: Enhancing executive functions to improve cognitive and language skills 2013
Fact Sheet Cultural Priming: Adopting another’s mindset to improve analysis 2013
Fact Sheet Optimizing analysis: Connecting the dots with divergent thinking Henk J. Haarmann 2013
Fact Sheet Predicting high-level proficiency: Testing foreign language aptitude to predict ultimate attainment Cathy Doughty 2013
Fact Sheet Tailoring training to individuals: How aptitude interacts with language instruction methods 2013
Fact Sheet Aptitude for cyber analysis: Optimizing selection for the cyber workforce 2013
Fact Sheet Enhancing language analysis: Providing strategic tools and resources for critical languages Anne David 2013
Proceedings The interaction of different working memory mechanisms and sentence processing: A study of the P600 Polly O'Rourke 2013
Proceedings Neural Oscillatory Signature of Original Problem Solving Polly O'Rourke
Timothy George
Alexei Smaliy
Paper presented at a conference The underlying cognitive components of sentence processing: Not all P600s are alike Polly O'Rourke 2013
Paper presented at a conference L2 Processing of Arabic Derivational Morphology Polly O'Rourke Suzanne Freynik 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Working Memory Capacity and the Cognitive Underpinnings of Syntactic Processing Polly O'Rourke 2013
Other Tense or Aspect?: Initial Past Tense Marking for Beginning Classroom Learners of Spanish Carrie Bonilla 2013