Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our Publications

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Technical Report Ritualized Indirectness in Persian: Taarof and related strategies of interpersonal management Mark Vinson 2014
Peer-reviewed Article The interplay of conflict and analogy in multidisciplinary teams Susannah B. F. Paletz
Christian D. Schunn
Kevin H. Kim
Fact Sheet Under-resourced languages: Improving capabilities with innovative tools for analysis and instruction Michelle E. Morrison 2013
Fact Sheet Enhancing lexical resources: Searching online resources quickly and easily C. Anton Rytting 2013
Fact Sheet Brain training: Enhancing executive functions to improve cognitive and language skills 2013
Fact Sheet Cultural Priming: Adopting another’s mindset to improve analysis 2013
Fact Sheet Optimizing analysis: Connecting the dots with divergent thinking Henk J. Haarmann 2013
Fact Sheet Predicting high-level proficiency: Testing foreign language aptitude to predict ultimate attainment Cathy Doughty 2013
Fact Sheet Tailoring training to individuals: How aptitude interacts with language instruction methods 2013
Fact Sheet Aptitude for cyber analysis: Optimizing selection for the cyber workforce 2013
Fact Sheet Enhancing language analysis: Providing strategic tools and resources for critical languages Anne David 2013
Proceedings The interaction of different working memory mechanisms and sentence processing: A study of the P600 Polly O'Rourke 2013
Proceedings Neural Oscillatory Signature of Original Problem Solving Polly O'Rourke
Timothy George
Alexei Smaliy
Paper presented at a conference The underlying cognitive components of sentence processing: Not all P600s are alike Polly O'Rourke 2013
Paper presented at a conference L2 Processing of Arabic Derivational Morphology Polly O'Rourke Suzanne Freynik 2013
Peer-reviewed Article Working Memory Capacity and the Cognitive Underpinnings of Syntactic Processing Polly O'Rourke 2013
Other Tense or Aspect?: Initial Past Tense Marking for Beginning Classroom Learners of Spanish Carrie Bonilla 2013
Other Analysis of self-study practices in language learning: Relationships among time spent, preferred activities, and outcomes
A. White
B. Mullan
M. Hughes
Other Homework and language learning at DLIFLC: An analysis of Dari, French, and Pashto learners A. White 2013
Other Building a language learner’s profile: Characteristics which inform training and pedagogy. 2013