Friday, October 9, 2015

Our Publications

Typesort icon Title Author(s) Year Download
Fact Sheet Enhancing language analysis: Providing strategic tools and resources for critical languages Anne David 2013
Fact Sheet Persian dialect course: A characterization of the dialects of Iran Corey A. Miller 2013
Fact Sheet Innovative cognitive training Henk J. Haarmann 2014
Fact Sheet RPAT Refinements and Support Michael Bunting 2014
Other A Processing Account of Locality Effects in Ellipsis 2003
Other How does the brain cope with multiple languages? Henk J. Haarmann 2006 Link
Other Beck in action: Grawemeyer-winning psychiatrist influential in psychology Anita R. Bowles 2004 Link
Other Courting research: Psychology and law go hand-in-hand Anita R. Bowles 2004 Link
Other Easier dictionary search Michael Maxwell 2009
Other High-level language aptitude battery Cathy Doughty 2006
Other Aptitude for advanced language learning Cathy Doughty 2005
Other Innovative curriculum for the very advanced learner Cathy Doughty 2004
Other Aptitude for foreign language learning Cathy Doughty 2003
Other Designing psycholinguistically valid classroom instruction Cathy Doughty 2003
Other Making It Happen: Interaction in the Second Language Classroom: From Theory to Practice Cathy Doughty 1991
Other Becoming an expert in a foreign language (abstract)
Alina Twist
Kathryn Rhoad
Other The measurement of language aptitude and high-level L2 abilities
K. Gor
Other Funding biomedical research programs: Contributions of the Markey Trust George R. Reinhart 2006 Link
Other LinguaVista: Program selection tool for adult high-level language learners of less commonly taught languages Ewa M. Golonka 2005
Other Language visualization tools Ewa M. Golonka 2004