Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Publications

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Other Wisconsin Englishes
E. Benson
J.H. Hall
Peer-reviewed Article Word sense disambiguation with automatically retrieved semantic knowledge
Dmitriy Dligach
Poster Working memory at work: Relations with motivation, learning, and performance
D.J. Weiss
Poster Working memory capacity affects how to-be-ignored information is processed
N. Cowan
Peer-reviewed Article Working Memory Capacity and the Cognitive Underpinnings of Syntactic Processing Polly O'Rourke 2013
Paper presented at a meeting Working memory in polyglots: A comparison of simultaneous interpreters and non-interpreter multilinguals Henk J. Haarmann 2005
Paper presented at a meeting Working memory predicts the acquisition of explicit L2 knowledge
D. Weiss
Peer-reviewed Article Working memory span tasks: A methodological review and user's guide
A.R.A. Conway
M.J. Kane
Technical Report Working memory training for foreign language practitioners: Study findings
Carrie Clarady
Technical Details Working Memory Training for Improving Cognition and Language 2013
Peer-reviewed Article ya•ni: what it (really) means
Trent Rockwood
Proceedings ‘akaluuni al-baraa?ii?, the Aramaic of Daniel, contemporary peninsular Arabic: 2000 years (or more) of variable subject-verb word order stability (Presentation) Jonathan Owens 2008
Dissertation “Just be yourself”: The positive consequences of personality trait expression Jessica Dzieweczynski 2008
Peer-reviewed Article “The ‘Bedouin’: Discursive Identity or Analytical Category? A case study from Jordan.” 1999