Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Publications

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Proceedings A rational analysis of memory search termination J. Isaiah Harbison
Davelaar, E. J.
Yu, E. C.
Hussey, E. K.
Proceedings N-back performance: Comparing assessment and training performance J. Isaiah Harbison
Atkins, S. M.
Dougherty, M. R.
Proceedings Self-terminated vs. experimenter-terminated memory search J. Isaiah Harbison
Hussey, E. K.
Dougherty, M. R.
Davelaar, E. J.
Technical Details The “bilingual advantage” 2012
Proceedings Usability testing the Afghan Language Aptitude Battery: Evaluating cognitive tests for non-traditional populations 2012
Other The contributions of executive functions for predicting adult second language acquisition to high proficiency levels 2012
Poster Testing first language listening comprehension ability 2012
Poster Adapting language aptitude measures for nontraditional populations: Usability of the Afghan Language Aptitude Battery (ALAB) 2012
Peer-reviewed Article Grammatical features of Egyptian and Palestinian Arabic heritage speakers' oral production
Abdulkafi Albirini
Eman Saadah
Fact Sheet Assessing Regional Proficiency
Shawn Maloney
Other CASL 2011-2017 Strategic Plan 2011
Fact Sheet Enabling Arabic Search: Helping analysts search digital resources more effectively C. Anton Rytting 2011
Fact Sheet Resourcing African Languages: Interactive map familiarizes users with African Languages Tristan Purvis 2011
Fact Sheet Translation Performance: Setting standards for quality of language products Erica B. Michael 2011
Fact Sheet Measuring Language and Intelligence Analysis 2011
Fact Sheet Cultural Priming: Adopting the other’s mindset to improve analysis 2011
Fact Sheet Tailoring Teaching to Individuals 2011
Peer-reviewed Article Triangulating self-assessment ratings, teacher ratings, and proficiency test scores in short-term language programs
M. Malone
Paper presented at a meeting A holistic treatment of /ān/ to [un] in Persian Corey A. Miller 2011
Peer-reviewed Article Mapping convergence on [u] in several dialects of Persian
Rachel Strong
Evelyn Browne