Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Publications

Type Title Author(s) Yearsort icon Download
Peer-reviewed Article Finding entries in an on-line Arabic dictionary
Sarah C. Wayland
Peer-reviewed Article Spelling correction for Arabic dictionary lookup
Jeff Carnes
Sarah C. Wayland
Dissertation Prosodic phonology in Bamana (Bambara): Syllable complexity, metrical structure, and tone Christopher R. Green 2010
Peer-reviewed Article Can You Say It Another Way? Cognitive Factors in Bilingual Children’s Pragmatic Language Skills Medha Tare Susan A. Gelman 2010
Proceedings Corpus building in a predominantly oral culture: Notes on the development of a multi-genre tagged corpus of Dagbani Tristan Purvis 2010 Link
Paper presented at a conference African language identification and familiarization for professional fields: A resource portal
Tristan M. Purvis
Michael R. Marlo
Other Resourcing African Languages
Tristan Purvis
Michael R. Marlo
2010 Link
Poster Reciprocal influence of prosodic and syntactic processing in an ERP experiment
Meera Patel
Susan Garnsey
2010 Link
Paper presented at a conference Cognitive abilities and the measurement of World Wide Web usability
Kent L. Norman
Peer-reviewed Article Voice contrast and cumulative faithfulness in Luwanga nouns
Ashley W. Farris-Trimble
Poster Characterizing Evidentiality
Monica Macaulay
Executive Summary Validating STARTALK assessment instruments: Convergent validity established across triangulated assessment system
Margaret E. Malone
Peer-reviewed Article The breakdown of coordinated decision making in distributed systems Susannah B. F. Paletz
Christopher Bearman
Judith Orasanu
Matthew J. W. Thomas
Peer-reviewed Article A social-cognitive framework of multidisciplinary team innovation Susannah B. F. Paletz Christian D. Schunn 2010
Paper presented at a conference The Conversational Historical Present in Oral Spanish Narratives Carrie Bonilla 2010
Other Review of Task Conditions in L2 Spanish Acquisition of Tense–Aspect Morphology Carrie Bonilla 2010
Peer-reviewed Article Standard vs. Peripheral Javanese Dialects: The Lexical Evidence Thomas Conners 2010
Paper presented at a conference The Rise and Fall of Speech Levels in Javanese Thomas Conners 2010
Paper presented at a conference Valency Classes in Jakarta Indonesian: a Corpus-based Approach Thomas Conners 2010
Paper presented at a conference Indonesian: National Identity, Local Loss Thomas Conners 2010