Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our Publications

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Peer-reviewed Article Using Non-Textual Cues for Electronic Document Browsing.
Daniela Rus
Peer-reviewed Article Aphaisic patients' sensitivity to structural and meaning violations when monitoring for nouns and verbs in sentences.
Sarah C. Wayland
R.S. Berndt
J.R. Sandson
1996 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Listening Andrew D. Wolvin 1996
Book The phonology and morphology of Kimatuumbi David Odden 1996
Book The Rashaayda Bedouin: Arab Pastoralists of Eastern Sudan 1996 Link
Paper presented at a meeting Variation and synthetic speech
Orhan Karaali
Noel Massey
Book Cognitive processes in translation and interpreting
Gregory Shreve
Stephen Fountain
1997 Link
Peer-reviewed Article Patterns of sentence comprehension in aphasia: A consideration of three hypotheses
R. Sloan Berndt
C. Mitchum
Sarah C. Wayland
1997 Link
Book Focus on form in classroom second language acquisition
Jessica Williams
Book /r/-lessness in Philadelphia Corey Miller 1998
Dissertation Pronunciation modeling in speech synthesis Corey Miller 1998 Link
Paper presented at a meeting Individuation of postlexical phonology for speech synthesis Corey Miller 1998 Link
Paper presented at a meeting Exploring the nature of postlexical processes
Noel Massey
Orhan Karaali
Paper presented at a meeting Learning postlexical variation in an individual
Orhan Karaali
Noel Massey
Book A model of bilingual representation and its implications for second language acquisition
J. Kroll
A. Sankaranarayanan
Peer-reviewed Article A high quality text-to-speech system composed of multiple neural networks
O. Karaali
G. Corrigan
N. Massey
Other Peer commentaries on David Green's "Mental control of the bilingual lexico-semantic system"
Thomas Carr
Annette de Groot
Ton Dikstra
Dissertation Automatic Discovery of Logical Document Structure Kristen Summers 1998
Book Perceiving talking faces: From speech perception to a behavioral principle Dominic W. Massaro 1998
Proceedings Prosody and prompt design in a computer dialog system
G. Ayers Elam
Sarah C. Wayland