Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Publications

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Fact Sheet Assessing Regional Proficiency
Shawn Maloney
Fact Sheet Enabling Arabic Search C. Anton Rytting 2010
Fact Sheet Enabling Arabic Search: Helping analysts search digital resources more effectively C. Anton Rytting 2011
Fact Sheet What Kind of Arabic Is That? 2010
Fact Sheet Resourcing African Languages: Interactive map familiarizes users with African Languages Tristan Purvis 2011
Fact Sheet Easier Dictionary Search: New tools enhance understanding of Pashto, Urdu, and Bengali Anne David 2010
Fact Sheet Nearly Native Speakers: Tests aim to predict who can best learn a foreign language 2010
Fact Sheet Why Is Vietnamese So Hard? Using basic science to support Vietnamese language training Allison Blodgett 2010
Fact Sheet Translation Performance: Setting standards for quality of language products Erica B. Michael 2011
Fact Sheet Measuring Language and Intelligence Analysis 2011
Fact Sheet Optimizing Analysis: Divergent thinking improves analysts’ ability to connect the dots Henk J. Haarmann 2010
Fact Sheet LinguaVista Ewa M. Golonka 2010
Fact Sheet Cross Cultural Competence (3C) Claudia Brugman 2010
Fact Sheet What makes listening difficult? Factors affecting second language comprehension 2010
Fact Sheet Improving DLAB’s Prediction: New ways to identify foreign language learning potential Michael Bunting 2010
Fact Sheet Assessing Language Learning: New tools to assess STARTALK language programs 2010
Fact Sheet Blended Learning: Enhancing STARTALK language programs 2010
Fact Sheet Cultural Priming: Adopting the other’s mindset to improve analysis 2011
Fact Sheet Technology Integration: How does it impact foreign language learning? George R. Rinehart 2010
Fact Sheet Tailoring Teaching to Individuals 2011