Friday, April 29, 2016

Our Publications

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Dissertation The effect of instruction on the acquisition of relativization in English as a second language Cathy Doughty 1988
Dissertation Pronunciation modeling in speech synthesis Corey Miller 1998 Link
Dissertation Multiple alternative sentence compressions (MASC) as a tool for automatic summarization tasks David M. Zajic 2007 Link
Dissertation Identification of salient linguistic and metalinguistic variables in the prediction of oral proficiency at the advanced-level threshold among adult learners of Russian Ewa Golonka 2000
Dissertation Negative evidence in Spanish: The effects of adult corrections on the grammaticality of children's speech Jared Linck 2003
Dissertation Cognitive control and the role of Broca's area in sentence processing Jared Novick 2005
Dissertation Information, truth, structure, and sound Scott Jackson 2007 Link
Dissertation The interlanguage pragmatic competence of classroom-based learners of Russian: Ponimaesh', k tebe takoe delo
Dissertation “Just be yourself”: The positive consequences of personality trait expression Jessica Dzieweczynski 2008
Dissertation Automatic Discovery of Logical Document Structure Kristen Summers 1998
Dissertation Implicit and explicit learning of artificial grammar structures and natural language morphology: Implications for second language learning Anita Bowles 2003
Dissertation Prosodic phonology in Bamana (Bambara): Syllable complexity, metrical structure, and tone Christopher R. Green 2010
Dissertation Users' spatial abilities affect interface usability outcomes Susan G. Campbell 2011 Link
Dissertation Tengger Javanese Thomas Conners 2008
Executive Summary Pulling out all the stops in Vietnamese (exec summary)
Alina Twist
Jessica Shamoo
Jessica Bauman
Executive Summary Learning foreign languages at a distance: Characteristics of effective online courses (exec summary)
M. Gonzalez-Lloret
Kim Pinckney
Executive Summary Rosetta Stone Version 3 falls short of manufacturer's claims
Katharine B. Nielson
Suzanne Freynik
Executive Summary Revolutionizing learning Russian: A draft inventory of linguistic correlates of proficiency to advance foreign language learning Michael H. Long 2008
Executive Summary Optimal foreign language learning: The role of technology (exec summary)
Victor Frank
Anita Bowles
Executive Summary The ups and downs of Vietnamese tones (exec summary)
Jessica Bauman
Allison Blodgett