Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Publications

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Technical Report Regional expertise throughout the Department of Defense: The Department of Defense research landscape
K. Kayton
Technical Report Cognitive neuroscience of second language acquisition: The Department of Defense research landscape
Sergey Blok
Technical Report Unit language development: Final report G. Granena 2013
Technical Report Resourcing African Languages: Summary of data uploaded to the system
Tristan Purvis
Michael Marlo
Technical Report The impact of length, density, and working memory on second language listening comprehension Alexandra Ralph 2013
Technical Report Persian Dialects: As Spoken in Iran Corey A. Miller
Mark Vinson
Thomas Triebwasser Prado
Technical Report Stickiness and online language learning 2014
Technical Report Learning objectives, methods, and techniques for Persian learners
Evan Jones
Thomas Triebwasser Prado
White Paper The making of a cryptologic language analyst
Renee Meyer
White Paper National Data for Policy and Planning to Improve the Language Capacity of the United States: A Background Paper for the National Language Conference
Kurt E. Müller
White Paper Individual selection and crew assembly: A gap analysis for exploration missions Susannah B. F. Paletz M. K. Kaiser 2009
White Paper Languages for All | White Paper
White Paper Languages for All White Paper Draft 2014
White Paper Languages For All Final Report 2014