Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our Publications

Typesort icon Title Author(s) Year Download
Proceedings N-back training task performance: Analysis and Model J. Isaiah Harbison
Atkins, S. M.
Dougherty, M. R.
Proceedings Cognitive engineering analysis training: Teaching analysts to use expert knowledge structures as a tool to understanding P. Bradley 2014
Proceedings Speaking the user’s language: Evaluating translation memory software for a linguistically diverse workplace Susan G. Campbell
A. Goldman
A. L. Powell
Proceedings Usability testing the Afghan Language Aptitude Battery: Evaluating cognitive tests for non-traditional populations 2012
Proceedings Predicting near-native ability: The factor structure and reliability of Hi-LAB J. T. Koeth 2010
Proceedings The Language Product Evaluation Tool: Establishing Standards and Developing Workforce Expertise
Allison Blodgett
Research Brief Getting the lowdown on Vietnamese lexical tones Allison Blodgett 2009
Research Brief Using iPods for foreign language learning
Victor Frank
Barbara Forsyth
Research Brief Getting acquainted with the Dhivehi language Amalia Gnanadesikan 2011
Technical Details Ways of Manifesting Collectivism: An Analysis of Iranian and African Cultures
Tristan Purvis
Technical Details The “bilingual advantage” 2012
Technical Details Working Memory Training for Improving Cognition and Language 2013
Technical Details Moving beyond two languages 2014
Technical Details Building a language learner’s profile 2014
Technical Details Integrating CASL Tools into the LanguageNation Platform Christopher R. Green 2014
Technical Details Assessment challenges in online instruction
Thomas Prado
Evan Jones
Christopher R. Green
Technical Details Objectives, methods, and techniques for ‘surge’ Somali acquisition and instruction
Evan Jones
Christopher R. Green
Technical Details Individualizing pedagogy in LanguageNation 2014
Technical Report Vietnamese vowels: The central focus
Matt Winn
Alina Twist
Allison Blodgett
Technical Report Pulling out all the stops in Vietnamese
Alina Twist
Jessica Shamoo
Jessica Bauman