Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Publications

Typesort icon Title Author(s) Year Download
Proceedings Issues in Korean laryngeal representation Gregory K. Iverson 2008
Proceedings Orthographic interference in Japanese on-line adaptation of English final consonants
E. Kaneko
Proceedings Restructuring and reversion in old Norse umlaut 2007
Proceedings Cognitive control and parsing: The role of LIFG and cognitive control in sentence comprehension Jared Novick 2005
Proceedings ‘akaluuni al-baraa?ii?, the Aramaic of Daniel, contemporary peninsular Arabic: 2000 years (or more) of variable subject-verb word order stability (Presentation) Jonathan Owens 2008
Proceedings Analogies out of the blue: When history seems to retell itself
Christian Schunn
Proceedings Vietnamese monophthong vowel production by native speakers and American adult learners
Matthew Winn
Allison Blodgett
Jessica Bauman
2008 Link
Proceedings Interoperable grammars 2008 Link
Proceedings Joint grammar development by linguists and computer scientists 2008
Proceedings Frontiers in linguistic annotation for lower-density languages
Baden Hughes
2006 Link
Proceedings A framework for discussing the uniqueness of in-country language learning Richard D. Brecht 2006
Proceedings A policy perspective on standards and testing for overseas Japanese language education Richard D. Brecht 2006
Proceedings Globalization and US competitiveness: The role of K-12 education in assuring language competency Richard D. Brecht 2006
Proceedings A humanities response to national security documents Richard D. Brecht 2004
Proceedings Changes in federal agencies' approach to language since 9/11 Richard D. Brecht 2004
Proceedings The influence of sentence articulation rate on the internal structure of phonetic categories
Sarah C. Wayland
J. Miller
L. Volaitis
1992 Link
Proceedings Strategy, spatial visualization ability, and performance on web navigation
K. Norman
2007 Link
Proceedings Are there working memory differences between simultaneous interpreters and non-interpreter multilinguals?
T.M. Signorelli
L.K. Obler
Proceedings Support for language policies in the US: Evidence from large scale survey
W. Rivers
J.P. Robinson
Proceedings A propensity model evaluation of the impact of Title VI on Slavic and Mid-Eastern LCTLs
W. Rivers