Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Publications

Typesort icon Title Author(s) Year Download
Poster Development of vowel space in Korean infants and children
S. Lee
Poster Metacognition in foreign language learning Henk J. Haarmann 2006
Poster Divergent thinking: Cognitive predictors and problem incubation
Anita R. Bowles
Poster Increased inhibitory control during second language immersion
J.F. Kroll
Poster A single, modality-independent comprehension processor: Domain-generality and working memory Jared Novick 2007
Poster Taking a glance at sentence processing: Eye-movement evidence from healthy adults, patients with brain lesions, and frogs Jared Novick 2007
Poster Conflict resolution and adaptation in language comprehension: Reaching out to the psychometric sciences Jared Novick 2006
Poster Cognitive control and the role of Broca's area in sentence processing: Patient studies and individual differences among healthy adults Jared Novick 2005
Poster Why working memory measures "work": Proactive interference in tests of immediate memory Michael Bunting 2003
Poster An evaluation of scoring methods for verbal working memory measures 2008
Poster Individual differences in skill acquisition on a logic gate task
D. Hatcher
S. Hinze
Poster Bye-bye buffers: Temporary storage is (partially) a matter of attention
N. Cowan
Poster A unique moment for languages in the U.S., and the corresponding need for assessment and testing Richard D. Brecht 2007
Poster From the perspective of language and culture Richard D. Brecht 2007
Poster A U.S. perspective on standards and testing for overseas Japanese language education Richard D. Brecht 2006
Poster Building language capabilities for a truly globalized workforce in a "flat world" Richard D. Brecht 2006
Poster Research on high level skills at the University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language Richard D. Brecht 2006
Poster The emerging language landscape in the US: Old and new landmarks & the LCTLs Richard D. Brecht 2006
Poster Integrating education, heritage communities, and government programs in preparing a new generation for government service in language and culture Richard D. Brecht 2005
Poster Language and national security in the post 9/11 environment Richard D. Brecht 2005