Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our Publications

Typesort icon Title Author(s) Year Download
Book /r/-lessness in Philadelphia Corey Miller 1998
Book Being and becoming bilingual: Individual differences and consequences for language production
T.H. Gollan
2005 Link
Book Enhancing philanthropy's support of biomedical scientists: Proceedings of a workshop on evaluation George R. Reinhart 2006 Link
Book Attracting science and mathematics Ph.D.s to secondary school education George R. Reinhart 2000 Link
Book Loanword adaptation Gregory K. Iverson 2008
Book Laryngeal Realism in Loanword Adaptation Gregory K. Iverson 2006 Link
Book Copying, blurring and the morphological rules of Germanic Umlaut 2008
Book Naturalness and the lifecycle of language change
J.C. Salmons
Book How does the brain cope with multiple languages? Henk J. Haarmann 2006 Link
Book The once and future study of information structure in Arabic: From Jurjani to Grice Jonathan Owens 2009 Link
Book Conversation Markers in Arabic-Hausa Codeswitching: Saliency and Language Hierarchies Jonathan Owens 2006
Book Cognitive processes in translation and interpreting
Gregory Shreve
Stephen Fountain
1997 Link
Book Knowledge and Language
I. Kurcz
G. Shugar
Book A model of bilingual representation and its implications for second language acquisition
J. Kroll
A. Sankaranarayanan
Book Representation and skill in second language learners and proficient bilinguals
J. Kroll
Book Less commonly taught languages: Issues learning and teaching
K. Gor
Karen Vatz
Book Problems in SLA Michael H. Long 2007
Book Second Language Needs Analysis Michael H. Long 2005
Book Español para fines específicos: Textos o tareas? [Spanish for specific purposes: Texts or tasks?] Michael H. Long 2003
Book SLA and Cognitive Science 2003