Tuesday, May 3, 2016

STARTALK: Distance and Blended Learning


Description: The development of effective systems of Distance and Blended Learning is essential to make longer sequences of critical languages widely available to US students, government and military personnel. Although the STARTALK programs, initiated through the National Security Language Initiative, offer summer programs to many K-12 students, there are no opportunities for these students to continue their language studies throughout the school year. This research project is developing a “Best of Breed” Blended learning course in Chinese. This course will serve as a model for other STARTALK Program Directors for how high-quality, effective, blended learning programs should be developed and implemented to allow students to maintain or increase their language skills during the school year.


  • Characteristics of an Effective DL/BL Language Learning Program
  • Concept Proposal for “Best of Breed” first-year DL/BL course in Chinese
  • Implementation of “Best of Breed” concept proposal for first-year DL/BL course in Chinese
  • Test Plan for “Best of Breed” first-year DL/BL course in Chinese